Budget Health

Budget Health (Study Overbilled Purchase Order)

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Project Title: Budget Health (Study Overbilled Purchase Order)

Company: Regeneron Pharmaceutical

Target Audience: Cost and Resource Management

Year : Summer 2021

Tools used: Articulate Storyline, Figma, Powerpoint

This project is under a NDA.

Tools Used

About Project

During my summer internship at Regeneron Pharmaceutical, I developed a course called Budget Health which was published on Regeneron’s LMS called REGNU for the Cost and Resource Management team. My task was to convert content present in a PowerPoint slide into an interactive course using Articulate storyline while adhering to Regeneron’s guidelines.

Analysis & Development

Target Audience

The Content

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I began by identifying ways to make the content interactive and to minimize cognitive overload. I used Mayer's Multimedia Principle — that emphasizes less text on the screen and the use of visuals that enhance or clarify the information on the screen. I read the content carefully, wrote down what type of image would be fitting for each section, and decided on which pages could be fused together or stripped down. Then, I created a storyboard to serve as a visual guide during development. Afterward, I started developing the course in Articulate Storyline. Throughout this process, I was in constant communication with my manager and mentor. We had weekly meetings to discuss where I was on the development and to get constructive feedback on the project. When I was done with the project, I shared the project via Review 360 for more comprehensive feedback from my manager, mentor, and stakeholders.

What I learned

I learned how to develop within brand guidelines while being creative. I had to utilize Regeneron's brand color, text, and image guidelines. In addition, I learned how to upskill by asking questions and getting support from other Learning Experience Designers on the team. Most importantly, I learned how to take feedback from my manager and how to think outside the box to solve problems that were brought up.



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