About GDT Services

About GDT Services

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Project Details

Project Title: About GDT Services

Tools Used: Vyond, PowerPoint

Target Audience: Internal Stakeholders

Year: Summer 2021

Tools Used

About Project

One of my major projects during my internship was to create a short introductory video for the Global Development Training Team. The goal of the video was to highlight who we are, what we do, our service, our team, and showcase some of our work. The video was made to be presented to stakeholders and to go on the GDT SharePoint site.

Analysis & Development

Target Audience

The Content

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The video was created using a video animation software called Vyond. This was my first time using Vyond, but I was able to transfer the skills I had using similar software like iMovie, hype 4, and Articulate Storyline. I started by getting acquainted with Vyond, watching some how-to videos on their youtube channel, and then proceeded to get inspiration by watching similar animation story videos, observing how things came in and exited and the transitions of the scenes. I made an action map on what the video will be about; by referencing the GDT about PowerPoint and visiting the SharePoint site. I then moved into brainstorming the scenes and moved into developing them on Vyond. Throughout the process, I was in constant communication with my mentor and manager, who provided constructive feedback.

What I learned

I learned a new tool by transferring previous skills into something new. Beyond that, I was able to turn someone else's idea or plan, which was my manager's idea, into something possible and tangible.



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